Cost of buying used car

How much does it cost to buy a used car?

The money you spend in the process of purchasing a car is not only the vehicle price. Side costs are believed to constitute up to 10% of the car value. Let’s analyze it closely.


The time spent on searching the Internet and talking to dealers is 7-14 days, say 2-3 hours a day. A total of 14 to 42 hours.

Let’s say you earn 20zł/h.
Your search time is worth from 280 to 480 zł.

All the trips to see the car:

Buyers can drive up to 400 km to see a car. That means 200-300 zł per trip. Every stop on route means getting a coffee or dinner which means more money.

It never ends with just one; several trips is a standard thing.
Let’s say you’re lucky and you find a decent car on your third trip.

Additional checkup costs

Paintwork meter is a must
The cost of this necessary tool is 450-700 zł. Use tools with a probe to make the test credible.

Diagnostic computer to find all the errors
That would be 600-900 zł.


A visit to a diagnostic professional
That’ll help you check how much money is needed to buy a used car. On average such a visit means about 50 zł.

Verifying the car’s history by the VIN number
29-49 zł


The minimum amount you have to pay before buying the car is 1914 zł and you don’t get any guarantee that it’ll work.
If you want to buy a car for 20-30k, it represents about 10% of the price.