About us

What distinguishes us from used-car lots and dealers?

We search for the cars, we import, verify and deliver them at your doorstep. This means that no car waits in the yard. This also means that no salesman has to sell a car at all costs. You will get the car matching exactly your requirements, which will be delivered specifically for you.

What our clients get from us is convenience because we deliver the cars right at the doorstep. We save their time on getting and talking to dealers. We take responsibility for purchasing the perfect car: working, accident-free and with a proven history.

We give ourselves 50 days to find the car and, additionally, we offer satisfaction guarantee.

In our business we follow the code of honour.

Autoklasa gives you peace and satisfaction

We changed the way of buying used cars. We were fed up with all the embellished offers, car clocking and intrusive dealers. Enough is enough. No more driving hundreds of miles to get your car.

What do we do then?

Autoklasa provides service to anyone who wants to have a used and proven car with a guarantee of being accident-free.

Autoklasa’s code of honour

  1. We put bluntly what the actual state of the car is.
  2. We keep our word, even at our own expense.
  3. We do not retouch the photos of the cars. You see exactly what you are buying.
  4. We pay for our mistakes. We give you satisfaction guarantee.
  5. We offer free consultation to help you choose and buy the car.
  6. Every person applying to us is important. You can apply even out of pure curiosity – it is worth it.
  7. We do not sell cars at a push. We base the business on people who come back to us for years.
  8. We are not afraid to say it straightaway, that a particular car can not be found. However, after confirming the order we guarantee its delivery up to 50 days or refund.
  9. Our clients’ safety is our priority.
  10. We trust our clients and it is mutual, therefore over 80% of our transactions happen thanks to recommendation.

"We follow those rules in every transaction.."

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