We check over 100 elements of the car

Every car we sell is subjected to a two-step verification, both in terms of its past and its current technical state. 

If possible, we record videos showing the exact condition of the car from the outside and inside. We take pictures of every element and of all the shortcomings of the vehicle. We carry out test driving with particular regard to suspension, engine and brake quality and toe-in. The engine, gearbox and clutch components are thoroughly diagnosed. The entire bodywork is tested with a paint thickness meter – the whole process is recorded with a video camera or by taking pictures. Once the vehicle has been verified, it is ready to sell. Autoklasa sells only checked cars. 

Safety first!

It’s entirely true that the cars we sell come from trusted sources, but according to the „I believe but I control” principle, if there are any doubts, we check the past of the car in police records, pledge registers and insurance companies. 

The whole thing step by step

1. We find a car matching our client’s wish.
2. We check the accident history in the databases and by the VIN number.
3. We make sure that the car is not listed in the international stolen cars database.
4. We thoroughly interview the seller, which then we confirm by sending an e-mail.
5. If there’s no objections about the car, our verifier is going to see the vehicle.
6. The car is assessed by the verifier who checks about 100 elements.

Activities performed by the verifier:

taking a picture of the car service book
– confirmation of all the repairs made
– visual inspection of the paintwork
– scratches, dents, repainting of the bodywork
– technological cracks 
– leaks from the engine
– engine’s work
– tyres condition
– test driving and its assessment
– computer diagnostics

7. Advance payment on the car
8. Loading onto the carriage and transport to Poland
9. Visit to the diagnostic station

chassis test
– suspension test
– excise, translation and vehicle chekup payments

10. Description of all the necessary repairs that must be carried out in the near future as well as estimation of all the costs of such efforts
11. Arranging a meeting with a client in order to hand the car over.

Check your car’s history. VIN verification.