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We have been testing and delivering cars to our clients for 24 years.
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We have helped our clients to buy over 6000 cars and vans. Over 80% of transactions are carried out by recommendation.



Each task entrusted to us is subjected to a two-step verification.
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If you wish, you can order an additional checkup before purchase.

Great firm, I got my car very quickly and it was in great condition. Excellent service, including phone conversations, you know what's going on from the very beginning. I would never find such a car on my own.

Kamil, Rzeszów

Hi, thanks to Autoklasa I saved a lot of time and money. You know how things are on the Polish car market (mostly „duds”). The car has been running perfectly since I got it. Very fast service and nice contact. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

Sebastian, Bytom

I benefited from Autoklasa's help and their offer. I can easily say that everything was great. I'm happy, the car is already in my back yard. I found the car in classified ads, it was checked by Autoklasa in every detail. If you have any doubts, just don't.

Henryk, Gniezno

My friend told me that he only heard about such a service, so I was a bit worried when I had to pay 1,500 PLN at the start of the whole process of getting the car. I took the risk and I'm glad I did it. Once again thank you very much, the car is great, everything matches the description, I checked the car in a different place. I will surely recommend you to others. Keep up the good work.

Mateusz, Kalisz

Autoklasa dealt well with finding a MAN truck with a capacity of 4,5 t. It is a professional and reliable company. The car is in a very good visual and technical condition. It pulls its weight, it serves me as a means of transport for excavators, aggregates and other building materials. I was offered a low interest loan, which is another upside, thanks to which I was able to purchase the car. I am also very grateful for finding an extremely affordable variant of car insurance. I sincerely recommend this company.

Marcin Krzyżanek

Many thanks to Autoklasa for finding a great car for me. Initially, I had doubts about the reliability of the report, but an additional checkup after the purchase confirmed a very good condition of the vehicle. If you're planning to buy a used car, don't hesitate and contact Autoklasa. It'll save you a lot of money and nerves. Thanks again for helping me, Autoklasa.

Karol Szydłowski

Great contact with the firm, wich was recommended to me by a friend, who bought his car at Autoklasa at the beginning of the year. The car I got was accident-free, well equipped and the history book was run by BMW to the very end. I would highly recommend Autoklasa's service.

Gruby from Piła

Due to my little knowledge of the automotive industry, I was stressed when I thought of buying a car. The danger of buying a car in a bad condition was very real. I wouldn't be able to detect potential concealed defects by myself. Luckily, I wasn't left on my own thanks to Autoklasa. The contact was very nice. After a short interview I was offered several cars that met my criteria. I chose one of them and it proved to be a good decision. Except for all the standard procedures at the beginning (oil or filters change), there has been no problems for 6 months of driving the car. I am very satisfied with the cooperation and the fact that I got a car that meets my expectations.

Jarek from Wrocław

Hi, I fully recommend Autoklasa. You got me Audi A6 I dreamt about. I wish I could drive this car non-stop. The most important thing – it's accident-free. Your service was extremely professional, thanks for helping me, gentlemen.

Zbyszek from Stargard Szczeciński

For a long time I was looking for a car in such a condition. Askado Group has completed the task perfectly. Great contact, very nice and cheerful advisors. I wish there was more such companies. My Bora has a complete history book. I recommend Autoklasa to everyone.

Rafał, Katowice

Anyone who has tried to look for a car on their own, knows exactly how difficult it is nowadays. After a few unsuccessful attempts I found Autoklasa – it was a bull's eye! I haven't met so professional people in a long time. What's more, the whole service was so nice. After two weeks of searching, I could enjoy my dream car. I highly recommend their service!

Piotr from Krosno

Hi, I strongly recommend Autoklasa. The company fulfilled its task properly. They found the car on time, brought it to Poland and prepared all the documents professionally. The car I got was exactly what I was promised.

Błażej, Gdańsk

Autoklasa. Reliability in the process of buying a used car. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Janusz from Cracow

After two months of searching a car on my own I contacted Michał and Stanisław. On the 5th of October we signed an agreement. After I rejected two suggested cars, I got a proposal that met my expectations. On the 19th I paid the deposit and on the 24th I got the car at my doorstep. I was a demanding client: I wanted all sorts of annexes, contracts, agreements, I verified everything personally with Stanisław and I was fussy about the price, of course. Each penny I paid was confirmed by the gentlemen with an annex so the risk is 0%. The whole process of purchase, verification and contract was fully transparent, no objections. I keep in touch with Michał and Stanisław – they're at my service and politely answer my questions concerning the car. While I was registering the car, I had to cope with a bored lady who was fussy about everything, and even here I got help from Autoklasa. If you care about the peace of your mind, try Autoklasa.

Szymon from Warsaw